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On this server you'll find various opensource projects founded and managed by me (Christoph Rüegg). Most projects are written in C# for Microsoft .NET, but I'll also include non-.NET projects if appropriate. Have a look at my Licensing page with more details about what you actually can do with my stuff.

My Opensource .Net Projects:

Math.NET Library - C# for .Net 2.0 - Opensource, LGPL License

Math.NET is an open source mathematics initiative, aimin to provide self contained clean frameworks and toolkits written in C#/.Net for scientific numeric computations like linear algebra, probability theory & random distributions, statistics, integral transforms and special functions, as well as signal processing, computer algebra and symbolic systems. Math.NET targets both Microsoft .Net and the open Mono platform, supporting Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

NeuroBox Library - C# for .Net 2.0 - Opensource, GPL License

NeuroBox is an object oriented .Net library written in C# to generate, propagate and train complex neuronal networks with technologies like backpropagation, using weight decay, momentum term, manhattan training, flatspot elimination and others. Some building blocks simplify using NeuroBox in practice, for example in pattern matching tasks.

Socket.NET Library - C# & C++/CLI for .Net 2.0 - Opensource, LGPL License

Socket.NET provides object oriented raw network sockets for Ethernet based on the WinPcap driver (also works on XP SP2, that itself does not provide raw sockets anymore), plus a toolbox for handling some standard protocols in a common low-level way. Practical uses include low-level network analysis, network security tasks, special purpose packet-level protocol implementation/prototyping as well as experimental studies (like ghost communication), but it does NOT support filtering as required for designing firewalls.

ThreadMessaging.NET Library - C# for .Net 1.1 - Opensource, BSD License

ThreadMessaging.NET is a small library framework written in C# for advanced transparent interthread and interprocess (also remote) messaging and communication in the .NET World and provides safe implementations of various messaging and data flow structures.

Some of my other projects:

evolutionOne - Java - Opensource, GPL License

Evolution simulation (cellular automata) with plants, vegetarians and carnivoires. The board instanciates an amount of those automata objects, making them move, abscond and reproduce themselfs in account of a set of rules. Depending on the given conditions (initial state, parameters, board size) the simulation leads to several interesting stable and unstable populations. The project was led by Prof. Christian Hafner within the scope of a seminar at ETH Zurich.